Javier Galué

Javier Galué tiene una experiencia de más de veinticinco años en comunicación de emprendedores y empresas

Como Consultor de empresas, organizaciones y personalidades lleva  más de 25 años de experiencia profesional ayudando a gestionar y desarrollar su:

  • Comunicación utilizando Las Emociones
  • Comunicación estratégica emocional
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Comunicación visual e imagen corporativa
  • Comunicación en crisis
  • Reputación
  • Liderazgo interno y externo (basado en las emociones)
  • Liderazgo social
  • Comunicación corporativa (360º)
  • Comunicación digital

Como Profesor/Conferenciante

Actualmente además soy profesor en la IE University de Comunicación Estratégica y Liderazgo Social.

Colaboro como profesor y conferencista en otras universidades y centros de estudio como la IE Business School, la Universidad CEU San Pablo, en másteres de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, etc.

Como Colaborador en TV y Radio

Participo en diversos programas de televisión y radio como experto en comunicación estratégica, gestión de las emociones, liderazgo basado en emociones, comunicación corporativa emocional, emprendimiento y comunicación, comunicación en crisis, imagen corporativa y reputación.

También en programas que tocan el tema de la política con una perspectiva de análisis tanto del liderazgo como de la estrategia y la comunicación.

Otros Cursos y Seminarios

IE Business School

  • Is Marketing dead? – Prof. José Ignacio Gafo
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Business Solutions for the world’s most pressing issues – Prof. Conchita Galdon
  • Digital Self Branding – Manuel A. Alonso Coto, PhD
  • Digital Disruption and Digital Innovation – Prof. Joaquin Moral Perez
  • Review and Prospects of the World Economy – Prof. Daniel Fernández Kranz
  • El Impacto del Coaching en el Desarrollo Gerencial (The Impact of Coaching in Management Development) – Prof. Pilar Rojo
  • Symmetrical Logos can Harm Your Brand! – Jonathan Luffarelli

Stanford University

  • The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship – Prof. Tom Byers and Chi-Hua Chien
  • Build Winning Stakeholder Commitments – Prof. Tom Kosnik
  • Challenges with Complex, Cross-Functional, & Geographical Program Teams – Prof. Behnam Tabrizi and John Warren
  • Decision Leadership: Guiding teams to high quality decisions in challenging organizational and analytical contexts –Prof. Bruce Judd, Jennifer Meyer, Carl Spetzler and Paul Marca
  • Destructive Decision-Making Habits – Prof. Bruce Judd, Jennifer Meyer, Carl Spetzler and Paul Marca
  • Executing Strategy in Challenging Times: Tools and Insights that Deliver Results – John Warren, Dr. Raymond Levitt, Carissa Little and Tim Wasserman
  • Getting It Right the First Time: A proven paradigm for strategic decision-making – Prof. Bruce Judd, Jennifer Meyer, Carl Spetzler and Paul Marca
  • How Hidden Biases Sabotage Your Decisions – Prof. Barbara Mellers and Carl Spetzler
  • Managing Project Uncertainty – Prof. Sam Savage
  • Positive Intelligence: How to maximize potential and performance – Prof. Shirzad Chamine and Robert Katayama
  • Proactive Decision Making: Personal and Business Decisions and Other Important Choices – Prof. Ralph Keeney
  • Project Innovation through Design Thinking – Prof. Pamela Hinds, Michael Barry and Robert Katayama
  • Best practices for managing and measuring partner relationships – Prof. Lynda Kate Smith
  • d.thinking – Big Questions – Prof. Bill Burnett, Carissa Little and Stacey Velazquez
  • Design Thinking – a Competitive Advantage in a Difficult Economy – Prof. Bill Burnett and Banny Banerjee
  • Design Thinking – How to Bring Empathy and Experimentation into Your Work Today – Prof. Perry Klebahn and Jeremy Utley
  • Design Thinking and Peak Performance: Getting the most out of Innovation – Prof. Bill Burnett and Sheri Sheppard
  • Design Thinking and Transforming Teams – Prof. Bill Burnet
  • Design Thinking: A Strategic Tool – Prof. Banny Banerjee, Bill Burnett and Stacey Velazquez
  • Design Thinking: Training Yourself to Be More Creative – Prof. Bill Burnett
  • Escape Velocity: Portfolio Management in an Age of Disruptive Innovation – Prof. Geoffrey Moore
  • Financing Innovation: Common Mistakes Even Great Investors Make – Prof. Peter DeMarzo
  • Frameworks for Design Thinking – Prof. Bill Burnett and Banny Banerjee
  • How to Lead Innovation Through Implementation – Prof. Robert Sutton
  • How to Make Innovation a Reality at Your Work – Prof. Perry Klebahn and Jeremy Utley
  • Innovation After the Crisis – Prof. Bill Burnett and Sven Beiker
  • Innovation, a Systematic Approach for Success – Prof. Michael Forsand Dr. Michael Lyons
  • Killing Ideas to Make Innovation Work – Prof. Hayareeva Rao
  • Business Models for Entrepreneurs and Innovators – Prof. Haim Mendelson, Andre Haddad and Howard Hartenbaum
  • 3 Winning Strategies to Beat Low Cost Competitors – Prof. Adrian Ryans
  • Long-Range Design: A proven paradigm for radical innovation – Prof. William Cockayne
  • Strategic Innovation: Creativity for profit – Prof. William Burnett, Carl Spetzler, Bill Brunett and Carissa Little
  • Sustainable Design, Product Development, and Manufacturing – Prof. Dariush Rafinejad
  • The 21st Century Decision Loom: Weaving Together Ideas, Knowledge, and Technology for Better Decisions Prof. Vince Barabba and Carl Spetzler
  • The Art and Science of Good Decision-Making – Prof. Eric Bickel and  Carl Spetzler
  • The Art of Converting Strategy into Projects – Prof. Gustav Toppenberg and Munir Bhimani
  • The Decision Leadership Dilemma: How to lead decision makers who outrank you – Prof. Bruce Judd, Frank Koch, Carl Spetzler and Paul Marca
  • The Power of Design Thinking in Business – Prof. Carl Spetzler and  William Burnett
  • The Power of Scenarios to Improve Strategic Decisions – Prof. Henk Krijnen and Carl Spetzler
  • The Upside of Risk: A Better Way to View Enterprise Risk Management – Prof. Carl Spetzler and Hannah Winter
  • Thriving in the Midst of the Storm: Making strategic decisions in difficult economic times – Prof. David Leonhardi and Carl Spetzler
  • Too Good to Fail: How to beat the Strategic Execution Odds – Prof. Raymond Levitt and Tim Wasserman
  • Transformational Leadership: the Inside Out Effect – Prof. Behnam Tabrizi
  • Why Decisions Go Bad: The good, the bad, and the ugly – Prof. Ron Howard, Bruce Judd and Carl Spetzler
  • The Accelerating Challenge from Low Cost Rivals – Prof. Tom Byers and Adrian Ryans

Harvard Business Review

  • The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration – Prof. Leigh Thompson, Ph.D
  • The Strategy that Will Fix Healthcare – Prof. Michael E. Porter
  • The End of Competitive Advantage – Prof. Rita Gunther McGrath, Ph.D
  • Making Sustainable Profitable, Lessons From Emerging Markets – Angelina Herrin
  • The Future of Advertising – Prof. Jeffrey F. Rayport
  • Innovating over The Horizon – Clayton Christensen – Max Wessel
  • Successful Managers do Different – Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D
  • Innovate Faster – Scott Anthony
  • A Revolutionary Approach to Strategic Change – John Kotter
  • What’s It Take to Get a Top Job? – Prof. George W. Taylor
  • The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See – Prof. Max Bazerman
  • BrainSwarming: Because Brainstorming Doesn’t Work – Dr. Tony McCaffrey
  • Capitalism for the Long Term – Dominic Barton
  • The Capitalist’s Dilemma: Reassessing Our Opportunities for Investing in Innovation – Prof. Clayton Christensen
  • The First Mile: A Launch Manual for Great Ideas – Prof. Scott Anthony
  • From Blue Ocean Strategy to Blue Ocean Leadership – Prof. Reneé Mauborgne, co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy

Otras Instituciones

  • LM Universität München – Competitive Strategy – Prof. Tobias Kretschmer
  • The Pennsylvania State University – Creativity, Innovation, and Change | 创意,创新, 与 变革 – Dr. Kathryn W. Jablokow, Dr. Darrell Velegol, Dr. Jack V. Matson, Elizabeth Kisenwether
  • University of Maryland – Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship – Prof. James V. Green
  • Impact Measurement — Define and refine your social performance to drive better results
    LinkedIn, Director of Business Analytics – Lutz Finger Intel, Editor in Chief – Jennifer Lashua
  • Executive Talent on the Move: How to Leverage Executive Search – BlueSteps (AESC)
    Joe Chappell, Director of Global Marketing, AESC
    John McLean, Managing Partner & Central Region & Global Practice Leader, Witt/Kieffer
    Radu Manolescu, Managing Partner, K.M.Trust & Partners
    Karla Dorsch, Managing Partner, Piedmont Ltd.


Avda. Del Mediterráneo, 5 1ºE
28007 Madrid